California Climate Change Task Force

Webinars and Event Recordings

You Can Make a Difference! Five Simple Actions to Reduce Emissions,

June 19, 2018, presented by April Oquenda, member of the LWVC Climate Change Task Force.  The webinar recording is below. Also see the  Dr. Oquenda’s Slides, and handout Helpful Links for Simple Actions.

Soil Health for Carbon Sequestration in the Face of Climate Change

May 15, 2018 webinar presented by Elizabeth Guimarin, Consultant and Educator on Soil Health. A recording of the webinar is below. Handouts for the webinar are Climate Smart Agriculture – Healthy Soils Program, and The Dirty Dozen – Tips for Building Healthy Soil. Ms Guimarin’s website is

California Cap and Trade

May 9, 2018 webinar on California Cap-and-Trade presented by Mr. John Gioia, Member of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) the organization responsible for administration of California cap and trade, and by Dr. Emily Wimberger, Chief Economist for (CARB).  See recording of the webinar below. See also slides from the presenters on California Cap and Trade.

Utility Users Tax, or How to Bring Carbon Pricing to Your City

April 24, 2018 webinar presented by Preston Jordan Action Director of the LWV Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (LWVBAE). Sponsored by the LWVBAE and the LWVC Climate Change Task Force. See recording of the webinar and Q&A below.