Let the Market Fight Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us, regardless of education, nationality or beliefs. But we can do something about it and not hurt our economy.

Since 75-80% of carbon dioxide emissions are from fossil fuels, working to reduce fossil fuel use will make a meaningful difference. Putting a price on carbon emissions will do that. And many will profit — not just environmentally — but also financially.

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The scientific evidence that the climate is changing because of increasing greenhouse gases is very convincing. The evidence is growing that shows human activities are the primary cause.

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Pricing Mechanisms

Carbon tax or cap-and-trade? Both have been tried, both have some advantages, and can be used either separately or in combination.

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Revenue Use Options

Revenue from cap and trade or a carbon tax will accrue. How should that revenue be spent? Options range from government programs for mitigation and adaptation to returning the revenue by lowering other taxes, and a host of options in between.

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Take Action

Now is the time to make it plain that we need a price on carbon. Show your support, talk it up, make some noise, and VOTE!

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A November 2 carbon pricing forum in Berkeley, California met with audience enthusiasm for putting a price on carbon, and frustration that more wasn’t happening. Frustration was aggravated by an announcement  the day of the forum by Christiana Figueres, UN climate chief, that carbon pricing would not happen at the Paris talks . The educational forum “Solving the […]

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Advancing from the “Bottom Up”

There are some “top down” systems of pricing carbon.  China announced last month that it would put a national cap and trade system in place starting in 2017.  (Ironically this market-based approach is being introduced in a centralized bureaucracy.)  The European Union continues with an emissions trading scheme (cap and trade).  And increasingly other nations are adopting some sort of […]

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