Take Action

Show your support!  Make some noise!  LOBBY!  VOTE!

Some in Congress are  becoming less resistant to taking the bold steps necessary to put an effective price on carbon. Now is the time to strongly lobby your Representatives and Senators in support of bi-partisan proposals for a price on carbon – either cap and trade or carbon tax.  Look at the trend.  The tide is beginning to turn giving us the opening to make real progress.

But you don’t have to rely on the feds.  Your state or region can work to put a price on carbon, like has happened with California, Quebec, and British Columbia, and with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative of nine northeastern states. See what your state is doing.

Know the Legislation

Carbon pricing has seen a rocky road in the U.S. Congress.  To date, over 50 carbon pricing bills have been introduced. None has passed. The first efforts were bi-partisan, but from 2009 to 2017 polarization set in; Democrats proposed pricing and Republicans strongly opposed it. Cooperation and bi-partisanship are making a comeback. In the current […]

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  The League of Women Voters States Position on Carbon Pricing July 2, 2018: At the National Convention for the League of Women Voters, the assembly voted for the following stand for price on carbon. “The League of Women Voters stands united with, and in support of, efforts to price carbon emissions, whether cap-and-trade, carbon […]

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Webinars and Videos on Carbon Pricing

Webinars There are many opinions of what is the best way to put a price on carbon.  PriceonCarbon.org and the League of Women Voters are co-sponsoring a series of webinars highlighting differing opinions on carbon pricing.  Qualified individuals with a variety of viewpoints speak, followed by questions from you. The webinars are free. If you wish […]

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State Actions

Several states currently have some sort of carbon pricing or have a proposal and/or some sort of push underway. Proposed legislation for some form of price on carbon was accelerating, with a plethora of legislative proposals in 2018-19, but efforts have slacked off a bit in 2020. Overall cap and trade is growing, but carbon […]

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Tell your Representatives and Senators — face to face — how you feel and that a price on carbon makes market sense and will decrease carbon emissions. Who Represents You? Find out who your elected representatives are:  in the House of Representatives and the Senate .   Find your state legislators on your local League of Women Voters site (type […]

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Our most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change is our knowledgeable vote.  Find out how your elected representatives voted on key climate issues.  Some states have organizations that track this, such as California and Minnesota , or write to your elected officials and ask them. Write to your elected representatives and tell them you want […]

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Show Your Support

We need to build a grassroots constituency, not based on party, but based on recognition of the need and the logic of putting a market-based solution in place.  How do we do that? Give a presentation  or lead discussions. Add your name to the “show of hands” to send to your elected officials. Like us on Facebook or follow […]

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