Let’s Talk to Each Other

Climate change is happening now.  Much still needs to be learned, but the fact of climate change – caused primarily by fossil fuel emissions – is real. The sooner we get past debating this unfortunate reality and start working on the problem, the smaller the problem will be. Conversely, the longer we delay attacking the problem, the more it will cost. And those are unproductive costs that pull on the economy.

By contrast, if we move now toward the new economy of alternative energy, we can grow jobs, build opportunities that will excite investment and drive further innovation.

The debate should be around how to best put a price on carbon to support our economy and make investment in alternatives profitable.  Debating the nitty gritty of data collection while the New York City subways flood is not productive.

But neither should we take a “sky is falling” approach.  Again, we must move forward deliberately, while protecting, even enhancing the economy.