What is the real evidence for climate change? Is this really a major issue or simply another doomsday prediction? And very importantly, are we the cause or is this a natural phenomenon?

In the past decade we have been studying climate change at an ever growing intensity and the evidence continues to stack up that climate change is real, a genuine threat, and caused by humans.  Some claim the data have not been “released”.  Not true.  Research and associated data are available from EPA, NOAA, NASA, IPCC, major scientific organizations like American Geophysical Union (AGU), National Academy of Sciences, and countless studies by universities, national labs and other governments.  Literally thousands of scholarly, peer-reviewed papers have been published documenting evidence of climate change and human cause.

The AGU, which, at its December 2014 meeting in San Francisco had over 24,000 attendees, predominantly earth scientists, states simply “Human activities are changing Earth’s climate.”  See the complete statement here.

Potential Risks

We cannot ignore the potential risks.  The one thing a CEO learns is, that no matter what, you never risk the entire company.  Whether or not one “believes” in the scientific data, the risks are formidable.  What if those denying the scientific data are wrong?  Can we risk that?  No prudent business person would do […]

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The challenge about predicting climate change is that the biosphere, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere (and even to some extent the geosphere) are all affected and all interact.  Those interactions feed on each other in ways we do not fully understand.  For example as air temperatures and pressures change, wind patterns change, which change ocean […]

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Evidence for Human Contribution

Evidence is strong that human activities are the dominant cause of global warming.  We have long  known  that as greenhouse gases, like CO2, increase in the atmosphere, the atmosphere warms by trapping heat energy radiating from the Earth to space.  Other natural forces also cause warming or cooling, like changes in the sun’s radiation (warming or […]

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Evidence for Climate Change

Global surface average temperatures have been rising for decades. That’s beyond weather change, it’s climate change.  One of the difficulties of understanding the magnitude of climate change is that the differences we’ve seen so far are relatively small. What we see around us is weather. But weather is to climate like the changing surf is […]

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