Dr. Linda Dismore (Diz) Swift is the primary voice behind the website.  Swift is a scientist (PhD geology) retired from over 30 years working primarily for Chevron in minerals, coal, and oil & gas exploration and production.  Her broad base at many levels of management gives her an understanding of the energy business.  “Until I retired in 2004, I didn’t think that climate change was a “real” problem. Since retirement I have been studying climate change, and now understand how serious the situation is.  I had to do something to share the information.  This website is my offer to share my knowledge and help others understand.”

Diz now lectures on the risks of climate change, its causes and potential solutions, especially working to build an understanding among other skeptics.

“Let’s get together on this.  Now is the time to build a shared understanding and go forward to solve the climate crisis.”


Our website is endorsed by the League of Women Voters as part of their effort to get a price on carbon. The League works at all levels of government to educate and advocate for a carbon pricing. The League’s position is:


“The League of Women Voters stands united with, and in support of, efforts to price carbon emissions, whether cap-and-trade, carbon tax/fee, or other viable pricing mechanisms. The League does not have a position on how the revenue generated is to be used.

“We do not espouse any single method of pricing carbon over another. We will evaluate all proposed methods based on their effectiveness to abate emissions and whether the method can be successfully implemented.”