Ski PassDr. Linda Dismore (Diz) Swift is the primary voice behind the website.  Swift is a scientist (PhD geology) retired from over 30 years working primarily for Chevron in minerals and oil & gas exploration and production.  In minerals she worked in international exploration and underground mining.  Her many roles in oil & gas included exploration and production research, exploration, Corporate planning — including planning liaison with Chevron’s coal company, mergers and acquisitions — including responsibility to merge two Texaco and one Chevron technology ventures companies into one as part of the Chevron-Texaco merger, and at various levels of management, giving her a broad base in the energy business.  “Until I retired in 2004, I didn’t think that climate change was a “real” problem. Since retirement I have been studying climate change, and now understand how serious the situation is.  I had to do something to share the information.  This website is my offer to share my knowledge and help others understand.”

Diz now lectures on the risks of climate change, its causes and potential solutions, especially working to build an understanding among other skeptics. For the past 5 years she has lectured at the NYU Stern Business School on climate change and its impacts on business, and gives frequent lectures on various aspects of climate change for universities and other groups.

“Let’s get together on this.  Now is the time to really build a shared understanding and go forward to solve it.”


Bob Stafford - croppedBob Stafford is an adviser for the website.  Educated at Princeton and Stanford (MBA), he has long experience in the finance, equities, and business world, including nearly 30 years as principal and CEO of Stafford Capital Management.  He is familiar with a broad range of businesses and management, primarily in the U.S.  He is a Director of Passur Aerospace, and also serves on the Board of Advisors for UC Davis Coastal and Marine Science Institute and is a Trustee for Dawn Redwood Trust.




Dr. Mike Uretsky is an adviser for the website. He is an expert in the use of information technology with New York University’s Stern School of Business, and recognized in the fields of energy and business planning. He has a long entrepreneurial career with extensive accomplishments in both the academic and public service areas. In the early 2000s, at the request of Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, he served on a Task Force to develop energy policy recommendations. Dr. Uretsky serves on the Board of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance which works to balance gas exploration, environmental needs and community interests, and on Boards of community and professional organizations.


Cynthia Lloyd croppedDr. Cynthia B. Lloyd is an adviser for the website.  A PhD economist, she is Consulting Senior Associate for the Population Council as well as an independent research consultant for various international agencies and foundations. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research and as an adviser on several international population and education initiatives. Prior to her retirement in 2009, she was Director of Social Science Research at the Population Council, an international NGO. She previously held positions at the United Nations Population Division and the Economics Department of Barnard College.  She is the author of 55 articles and over 20 books and monographs.