Hawaii has the ambitious goal to reach 100% renewable energy by 2040. In this Legislative session, SB 3150 was in play. It sets a tax at $40 per metric ton of CO2 emissions related to fossil fuels, with increases to $80 per metric ton by 2030. Revenue would have a variety of uses including a tax credit or refund for people earning 60% or less of the area’s median income. It passed the Senate but died in the House.

Past efforts to pass a carbon tax have failed (e.g. HB1584 Relating to Carbon Emissions (Lowen), HB1579 Relating to Statewide Sustainability Initiatives (Wildberger), and HB1463 Relating to Taxation (Rhoads) in 2019 and  Representative Kaniela Ing introduced HB 1991 (Kaniela Ing)

Last updated September 14, 2020