League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters is actively promoting a price on carbon, currently working primarily in California, Massachusetts, Delaware, Washington, Oregon, and recently in Illinois. Go to State Actions to see what is happening in your state.

The League position is that each state or region will have different issues, different constituencies, and different challenges, so the path to reach a solution for pricing carbon can be very different for each. The position on carbon pricing of the League of Women Voters was approved at the 2018 national convention and is stated below:


The League of Women Voters stands united with and in support of efforts to price carbon emissions, whether cap and trade, carbon tax/fee, or another viable pricing mechanism. The LWV does not have a position on how the revenue generated is to be used. 

We do not espouse any single method of pricing carbon over another. We will evaluate all proposed methods based on their effectiveness to abate emissions and whether the method can be successfully implemented.

A webinar describing the resolution and how to partner with other organizations is here. More detail on the 2018-06 Resolution.

“Promoting a Price on Carbon”, a caucus, was held at the June, 2016 national LWV convention.  The presentation included an Overview and Clean Power PlanElements of Carbon PricingActions in Select States, and What Your League Can Do.

LWVUS Climate Change Task Force

The Task Force was created in 2006 to advise the board on climate change issues and to develop materials for use by League members at all levels. The Toolkit they developed includes information, materials and news on climate change.

LWV-California Climate Change Task Force

The purpose of the LWV-California Climate Change Task Force is to help California Leagues’ local efforts, better coordinate regional efforts, and keep everyone in touch with what is happening around the California.


The League of Women Voters is partnered with PriceonCarbon.org to present a series of webinars on carbon pricing.  Visit the webinar  webpage to see what has been presented and what is next.

Join the LWV Effort

An informal LWV Price on Carbon coalition is led by LWV members from California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Delaware. Join the group for conference calls with educational talks and sharing of information and strategies by emailing climatechange@lwvc.org. Include “LWV Price on Carbon” in the title line.  For discussion about more general climate change efforts, join the LWV Climate Change Google Group. To join, go to https://groups.google.com/d/forum/lwvus-climate-change and follow the directions. You will need a Google account to participate.  Questions? Contact LWVUS Climate Change Task Force Chair Eleanor Revelle: er@revelle.net.

Last update: March 19, 2019